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Ground examinations

Dynamic penetrometer tests

In some cases structural, soil-mechanic or geotechnical examinations cannot be avoided. If an experts report is unavailable and the required data cannot be given to us by the customer, then the following examinations can be performed by us before we provide the quotation for the work.

Examination record
Examination record
Soil compactness measurement

We can perform the dynamic penetrometer soil compactness test, which has a separate cost. The specially constructed dynamic probe is very mobile and can be used in hard to reach places. The equipment requires little space and can be used directly next to walls, therefore it can produce accurate data about the soil solidity conditions.
The results from the dynamic penetrometer allows us to infer the soil solidity to several meters of depth. The test uses a steel rod with a 60 degree cone with a 10 cm2 surface area, which is hit repeatedly into the ground by a 30 kg weight dropping 20 cm. We examine how many hits the cone needs to penetrate for every 10 cm of soil. From the soil solidity measurement and by knowing type of soil it can be inferred approximately how much material is needed and the injection zone.

Soil sample measurement

If necessary our firm can use a BORRO type of instrument to raise soil samples, which has a separate cost. The equipment uses a gasoline engine and large spiral drill bits. We drill several meters into the soil and then raise soil samples from the different layers. The soil samples are inspected by an expert on the site or are taken to a laboratory for examination. When the BORRO examination is done it is usually also necessary to perform a dynamic penetrometer test. This can be done on the same day by the same crew.

Soil sampling with BORRO type of equipment
Drilling for soil sample

Raising of soil sample

The raised soil sample

Full geotechnical reports

According to the wishes of the customer our firm can prepare a complete geotechnical report by employing an outside geotechnical expert at a separate cost. If the customer already has a report or if the customer can give us the required information about the soil or if the required information is available some other way, then an outside expert need not be employed. If the customer has their own geotechnical expert, we can work with them also.