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Large companies of the world trust URETEK
Large floor areas can be
lifted without excavation

We have repaired numerous commercial and industrial buildings with resin injections in Europe. Our group of companies have outstanding references. We have repaired floors and load bearing walls at shopping centers, fuel stations, factories, and office buildings. With TOPINJECT you have found a reliable partner for your projects.
Turn to us with confidence!

It is a common problem with commercial and industrial buildings that the concrete slabs are sinking or starting to rock. With the modern TOPINJECT technology it is possible to quickly and economically fix the floors in warehouses, factories or commercial premises, in such a way that the production or the customer traffic is only minimally effected. In commercial buildings our work can be organized so that it is performed from closing time till opening time, thereby the traffic is effected only a slightly or not at all.

Typical TOPINJECT solutions

We stabilize and lift concrete slabs
We stabilize and lift concrete slabs
Rocking or cracked concrete slabs

Our group of companies has a tradition going back 15 years of stabilizing and re-leveling cracked and rocking slabs. The TOPINJECT Slab Lifting technology is especially suitable for solving these kinds of problems. We can say with assurance that there is no concrete slab problem we haven’t encountered. Several ten thousand square meters of slabs have been re-leveled or stabilized by us in Europe.

Stabilization along dilation line
Stabilization along dilation line

A typical problem is that the slabs move independently at the dilation areas. For example when a vehicle or forklift rolls from one slab to the other. For this, injections performed along the dilation line near the surface (possibly with deeper injections also), can be a reliable solution. These type of jobs can be performed in a few hours per slab. The traffic displacement at commercial and industrial sites is minimal.

When voids under the slabs are the problem, TOPINJECT represents an excellent solution. The slabs have to be drilled and injected only at few points per slab. We guarantee that the slabs will become stabile. The technology has proved itself on public roads as well. The structure of a concrete or asphalt road is different than an indoor concrete slab, yet when subsidence or cracks appear, it can be traced to the same causes. In both cases TOPINJECT is capable of eliminating the causes of the problem.

DEEP INJECTION under a floor
Ground stabilization
without moving out
Stabilizing slab subsoils

If the cause subsidence or cracks is caused by weak subsoils, it can be solved with TOPINJECT Ground Stabilization. The method calls for injecting the soil in a raster manner causing the ground to gain a sufficient load bearing capacity. The injections do not endanger the floor structure, however guarantees that the subsoil has become sufficiently stabilized. This method will stabilize a floor even if the subsoil is weak to a great depth. The method can be used up to 7 meters of depth. For special project even deeper soil layers can be stabilized.

Stabilization of a machine foundation
Injection under factory machinery
Stabilization of building and machine foundations

Using various resins, we have successfully stabilized uniquely built, deep building foundations, machine foundations and pits. The resins used by us our capable of stabilizing the most massive machine foundations. The operation of the plant is minimally or not at all disturbed by the injections. Therefore a number of auxiliary costs can be saved, which positively effects the bottom line of the company. Our firm is ready to hold a presentation for your company, where we will present a solution to your problem.

Advantages of the TOPINJECT technology:
Inventory is no obstacle for the injection
Inventory is no obstacle

Soil density examination in factory
Soil density
examination in factory
DEEP INJECTION in warehouse
Deeper soil layers
can be handled

Fuel stations can stay open
during TOPINJECT work
Floor lifting
Lifting of floor

With our firm you have found a reliable partner for your projects. Turn to us with confidence!

On these pages we have introduced the technologies. If you would like know more about the methods, or would like a quotation, please choose from the following possibilities.

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